Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lime Harvest

I went out to look at my potted Bearss lime tree this morning.  Lots of limes have been ripening over the course of summer and fall.

I gently squeezed a few of them and they were just slightly soft.  They have also started to lighten from dark green to light green.  Both of these are signs that they are ripe.  Surprisingly limes are actually fully ripe when yellow.  But I heard that they are picked earlier so the average consumer can determine the difference between lemons and limes in the store.  Not really sure if this is true.

I picked 6 limes and left another 20+ limes on the tree for harvesting later.  My lemons and calamondin oranges are not ripe yet, but that's okay with me because I want to extend the citrus harvest for a few months.  So far so good.