Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good Cause + Donation = Fig Cuttings

My friend and fellow garden blogger Sybil is celebrating a milestone birthday by biking 200 miles for a charity fundraiser.

If you are interested in supporting her cause with a donation, she will send you your choice of a dozen fig cuttings from some of the most amazing varieties of fig trees. And Sybil knows her figs -- she and her husband owned Paradise Nursery, a well-respected and sorely missed nursery of fig trees and other edibles in Virginia Beach that closed a few years ago.

Violette de Bordeaux figs ripening in late summer.

Don't miss this opportunity. Support a good lady and good cause, help some teens, and get some incredible fig cuttings from one of the most respected fig growers on the East Coast!

If you are interested in donating but unsure how to turn fig cuttings into fig trees, check out these two links:


Sybil Mays said...

Dave, you ROCK!

Thad said...

I have all ready put in my donation and can't wait till the cuttings arrive! Figs for all!


.09 Acres said...

Glad to help, Sybil. My pleasure! I know that your blog post has gotten loads of attention on the Figs4Fun forum. Hopefully you are now well on your way to raising money for your charity ride!

Thad, you won't be disappointed. Sybil has the best fig stock in the region.

Laura said...

Donation sent! Sybil is going to send me a nice variety. I can't wait!!! What a great way to justify more fruit trees! "But... it's for CHARITY...!) And how great of you both for your selfless efforts! Three thumbs up!