Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ripe Fig

I received a few e-mails recently about ripe figs. Both e-mails concluded by saying basically the same thing: you always post about your fig trees, but you never show photos of ripe, sliced figs.

At first I was skeptical. I do always post about figs, and surely there had to be at least ONE picture of a ripe fig bursting with sugary goodness. So I went through each post. What were my findings? To date, I've posted about figs on 15 separate occasions (this one makes 16). Guess how many shots of harvested and sliced figs...ZERO! Fair enough, criticism and message received!

It took me no time at all to realize why this has happened. Much like fresh yellow/gold raspberries, perfectly ripe figs almost never reach the inside of my house let alone remain there long enough for a picture or two. They are too tasty and get devoured in an instant.

To remedy this problem, I marched out into my backyard about an hour ago with my trusty camera at my side. I looked for ripe figs amongst the thick foliage and quickly zeroed in on this cluster of dark figs.

Ripe and near ripe figs.
I took a second photo, but from a slightly different angle.

I decided to harvest the middle fig, and left the bottom and top figs in place. They still need a few more days to ripen. I then marched inside, fig and camera in hand. I rinsed off the fig at the sink, then placed it on a plate and took another photo.

Ripe and ready for a snack.
Next came the knife, and I made two quick cuts. Now without further ado, I present to you a ripe fig that I just harvested from one of my trees.

Ripe dark fig a few seconds before its demise.
Click on the photo for a close-up of the sugary sweet pulp that fills the interior of the fig. Amazing. Yes, it's only one fig. Yes, it's only two bites. But they are two bites that are worth a year's wait.


Veggie PAK said...

Great post! I have a ways to go before my brown turkey figs will be ripe. Thanks to you and one of your posts on figs, after reading it I went out and checked mine and the are a lot of them on the tree! I didn't know they produce a second crop. That was a wonderful surprise!
You ARE the fig expert!

Project Girl said...

Love the marching! Thanks for sharing the photos! Yum.

.09 Acres said...

Veggie PAK, I just checked your blog and saw your figs. Keep your fingers crossed and they may ripen. Thx for the compliment but there are many people more knowledgeable than I am regarding figs. I may just be a bit more vocal, haha.

Project Girl, you are welcome!

Renee said...

I'm trying to root a few fig cuttings. One appears to have died. I used root powder, perlite, and heve kept them watered... I hope the otherone doesn't die or I'll be wishing I'd left them in the cup of water.