Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lemons and Some Rough Math

I'm not a big numbers guy, but I'm excited about this year's pending lemon harvest.  I bought my little potted lemon plant two years ago for $15.99.  The first year I harvested 5 lemons.  Then the plant grew a little bit.  This year I've got 14 on the tree.  Organic lemons sell for $0.99 at the local grocery store.  19 lemons x $0.99 = $18.81.  I figure I've spent approximately the positive difference of $2.82 on water and fertilizer since I bought the lemon.  So by my rough estimate this little tree just paid for itself.

I'm already looking forward to the smell of citrus blossoms, more growth, and more lemons next year.


Veggie PAK said...

Those lemons are very nice! So fresh and healthy looking! What type are they exactly that grow so well in this area? You're really doing a great job with them.

.09 Acres said...

I'm pretty sure this is a Eureka lemon. Lisbon is another common variety that you can find. Monrovia produces both varieties and they are at most specialty nurseries.

My lemon and lime tree, stored in my unheated outdoor shed, were both looking pretty rough after last night's cold temp (25F). It's supposed to be even colder tonight so I brought them inside the house.

Anonymous said...

All this time and you never spilled the beans. Your photos are beautiful and your comments well written, to say nothing about your level of expertise.

Can't wait for your help and knowledge as we start our little garden next spring. We are looking forward to getting back to the land.....and having enough sun to do it.

The Silver Fox

Ramona said...

Hmm, lovely lemons! Wish you a more abundant harvest next year!